SIU Trucking Insurance

Exclusive Short & Long Haul Coverage

Coverage Highlights

SIU Trucking Insurance provides coverage for 1 to 9 power units. We offer 2 programs for a broad range of risks from 1 to 300 miles and over 300 miles. Coverage is for auto liability, physical damage and we have other markets available for Cargo.

Eligibility / Requirements

1 to 9 units

No losses in past 2 years

Must have telematics or register for our program with azuga at binding

Additional Coverages

Auto Liability limits up to $1M

Physical Damage

Trailer Interchange

Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement (UIIA)

Additional Insured Endorsement

Non-Owned Trailer Physical Damage

How To Submit

We will require current value loss runs and current motor vehicle reports on all drivers with the application. If the insured has a telematics program in place with another company, we can accept with a $60 data collection charge.  Azuga will cost $15 per month plus a $116 one-time charge for equipment.  You can submit an application to or log in to complete the online form.

Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc (SIU), originally chartered as Kurt Hitke and Company, Inc., was started in 1926 by Mr. Hitke. He was the first individual to start writing “hard-to-place” risks which, in those days, were called sub standard business. He began by writing taxicabs in the city of Chicago in 1926.

In 1949 Mr. Hitke began expanding his operation, and by the mid 50s, with a total of nine offices, had become the largest writer of sub standard business in the United States. The leading trade journal The National Underwriter, upon his retirement in 1964, described him as “the creator of sub standard underwriting.” Upon his retirement in 1964 W. C. Duesenberg, Sr purchased the company and changed the name to Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. Wes Duesenberg Jr. and Tripp Duesenberg make up the second and third generation in this family-owned business. Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc has built a reputation for exceptional and innovative service to insurance agents and this is the basis for the company’s steady growth. SIU Trucking Insurance is backed by a strong team of underwriters ready to help you and your customers. In addition, we can offer payment terms through our in house finance company. The online payment processing systems are exceptional and our payment reminders via everything from email to text help ensure our agency partners don’t spend there time chasing payments.

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