Admitted Wholesale Distributors

Admitted Market

Application available on Search “Distributor” on Line of Business Search.

Target Classes:

Building & Material

  • Floor Covering Distributors
  • Hardware and Tool Distributors
  • Janitorial supplies- Dealers or Distributors
  • Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Dealers and Distributors
  • Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Distributors
  • Metal Dealers or Distributors- Nonstructural


  • Air Conditioning Equipment-Dealers or Distributors Only
  • Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment- Dealers or Distributors & Instruction, Servicing, or repair
  • Appliance Distributors- Household Type / Radio TV
  • Electrical Equipment Distributors
  • Equipment, Fixtures, or Supplies-For Bars, Hotels, Offices, restaurants, or Stores- Distributor
  • Gardening and Light Farming Supply Dealers- Distributors
  • Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment-Dealers or Distributors Only
  • Machinery or Equipment Dealers
  • Machinery or Equipment Dealers-Yard or Garden Type
  • Office Machines or Appl.-Wholesale- No Repair
  • Printers or Electrotypers Supplies- Distributors
  • Refrigeration Equipment- Dealers And Distributors Only- Commercial
  • Telecommunication Equipment Providers


  • Beverage Distributors- Alcoholic Other Than Beer
  • Beverage Distributors- Non Alcoholic and Beer
  • Frozen Food Distributors
  • Grocery Distributors -excl frozen food, meat fruits
  • Ice Dealers and Distributors

All Other

  • Automobile Parts and Supplies- Distributors
  • Barber or Beauty Shop supplies- Distributors
  • Bookbinding & Printing supplies
  • Florists – distributors
  • Hearing Aid Distributors
  • Paper Products Distributors
  • Plastic or Rubber Supply Goods Distributors
  • JM or better construction
  • Fully sprinklered if warehouse is more than 25,000 square feet
  • No high piled stock/adequate clearance to sprinkler heads
  • Some commodities may requires sprinkler protection regardless of warehouse size
  • Protection Class 1-6
  • GL limits available $1M/$2M and $2M/$4M
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You limit of $300,000 with higher limits available
  • Employee Benefits Liability limits to $1M
  • General Liability Enhancement including per location aggregate and Newly Acquired Organizations up to 180 days.
  • Insured has acceptability criteria for MVRs when hiring
  • Annual MVR review
  • Formal safety & vehicle maintenance plan
  • Written policy – no cell phone use while driving
  • Written policy regarding personal use of companies autos
  • No coverage for personally owned autos (must be registered to company)
  • Hired/Non-Owned auto supplement required



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