Agriculture is one of the most underserved markets in the workers’ industry but is also one the most influential industries in the country. SIU has partnered with an A-Rated carrier to provide the agriculture industry the workers’ compensation coverages they deserve. This unique program provides a market for the small harvester or the large dairy farm. SIU understands that this industry has other priorities and that is why the submission process is as painless as possible. This program, with a complete submission, can be submitted, quoted & bound same day if needed.

Our national program will support the following class codes:

  • 0005 : Farm – Nursery Employees & Drivers
  • 0006 : Farm Animal Raising AZ, MT, NY, WI state special raising cattle, horses, sheep goats. AZ state special Artificial Insemination of cattle
  • 0008 : Farm including dry onion, vegetable farm, field crops harvesting by hand, gardening market or truck drivers
  • 0011 : Farm NOC, applies to those farming operations which are not more specifically classified elsewhere (TX special)
  • 0016 : Farm Orchard – All Employees
  • 0017 : Farm Gardening – Market or Truck and Vineyards – All Employees
  • 0034 : Farm Poultry or Egg Producer
  • 0035 : Farm – Florist including trees, shrubs, plants and mushrooms
  • 0036 : Farm Dairy – All Employees
  • 0037 : Farm Field Crops & Drivers and sod growers and harvesting
  • 0083 : Farm Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers
  • 0251 : Irrigation Works Operations and Drivers
  • 8116 : Farm – Machinery Dealer – All Other Operations & Drivers
  • 8209 : Vegetables – Fresh Vegetables, Tomato Packing

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  • Minimum Premium: $5K (Certain Class Codes Maybe $2500)
  • New Ventures: Resumes Most be Included with the Submission
  • Hot Accounts: Insured’s who have two years’ of workers’ comp loss history
  • Appetite: Farm – Nursery Employees & Drivers, Farm Animal Raising, Field Crops harvesting by hand, Gardening Markets (Drivers,) Farm Orchard, Farm Gardening – Market or Truck and Vineyard, Farm Poultry or Egg Producer, Florist Farm, Dairy Farm, Field Crops, Sod Growers, Farm Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers, Irrigation Works, Farm Machinery Dealer, Vegetable Packing, Farm Machinery Operations (Incidental Only.) Fish Hatcher Farm (incidental only.)
  • Program Highlights: 24 Hr. Turnaround (for qualified accounts,) Up To a 1.69 Mod (if there is one shock loss that is driving the mod above 1.69 – (we, Expert Claims Handling, Multiple Payment Options, Multi-State Policies, National Program
  • Submission Requirements: Acord 130, Currently Valued Loss Runs, Mod WS (If Applicable,) Supplemental Questions will be sent upon receipt of submission



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