On a daily basis contractors and construction employees take a personal risk to build homes, roads or city skylines. They fix A/C units during the heat of the summer and restore heat during the chilling winter. They have a great impact on the world around us and this is why SIU has partnered with some of the top Workers’ Comp carriers in the nation that provides reliable claims management services, safety programs and a broad appetite with a variety of payment options to fit the insured’s needs.

SIU can insure the one man masonry operations or multiple crew commercial framing contractors. The program is designed and dedicated to the needs of the hard working men and women who continue to build communities while SIU gives them the comfort of knowing their lives and families will be taken care for a job-related accident.

SIU is dedicated to the owners of these companies and has competitive pricing, quick turn arounds times, claims management programs and now are offering Ghost Policies for the construction industry. Visit the New Venture Program Page to learn more about this program.

Don’t lose out on accounts due to incomplete submissions. Follow the check list below to make sure you are providing your insured with the best possible outcome.

  • Check Program Submission Requirements
  • Make sure all documents are up to date
  • If the insured has any large losses, send in details regarding the loss
  • Description of Operations – The better you explain the operations, the better we are able to place the account with the right carrier

Additional Coverages Needed? Visit our other lines business: Standard or Non-Standard

  • Minimum Premium: $100K
  • Appetite: Street & Road Construction, Roofers, Framing Contractors, Drywall & Insulation Contractors, Water/Sewer & Excavation Contractors, Sawmills, Steel Erection, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Contractors. Contractors who pay above average wages and benefit packages.
  • Submission Requirements: Acord 130, 3-5 Currently Valued Loss Runs, Payroll History up to 5 years, Financial Information may be required, Mod Worksheet
  • Program Highlights: Cutting-Edge Claims Management, Guaranteed Cost & Retrospective Rated Programs, Safety Training
  • Additional Coverages: USL&H, Maritime Employers Liability: $1,000,000 Limit
  • Minimum Premium: $10K
  • Min Premiums New Ventures: $15K with Resumes
  • Appetite: Street & Road Construction, Sawmills, Roofers, Framing Contractors, Drywall & Insulation Contractors, Water/Sewer & Excavation Contractors, Steel Erection, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Contractors, Carpentry, Sheet Metal, Concrete Construction, Masonry, and Painting
  • Program Highlights: Monthly Reporting Offered on Most Accounts, Proactive Claims Management, High Mods, Multi-State
  • Submission Requirements: Acord 130, 1-3 Currently Valued Loss Runs, Mod WS (If Applicable)
  • Maximum Premium: $10K
  • Appetite: Interior Painting, HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Irrigations, Landscape, Metal building Erection, Excavation, Fence Installation, Door & Window Installation, Furniture or Fixture Installation, Sign Erection or Repair, Carpentry Shop Only
  • Ineligible List: No Heights over 15 FT, No Carpentry work
  • Program Highlights: Quick Turn Arounds, Multi State Policies, Minimum Premium Policies
  • Submission Requirements: Acord 130



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